Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scans from CLOUD Vol1 + Destati track Preview

Hey Everyone, I am Here to Bring the News to the KH World, But it has been real slow lately, so please bare with us a little longer, so on the other news, check whats out for What Kh-vids got.

Starting off, the drammatica Album's official website has updated with a preview track for the song "Destati" from Kingdom Hearts. Be sure to access the website here and listen to the song.

In second news, A Forum member from KH-Vids twilightsbringing recently sent Xaldin from Kh-vids, scans of Kingdom Heats from the Cloud Vol 1 booklet. Although the information isn't really new, and the images aren't new either. A translation for this will come in the future

BBS Scans
358/2 Days Scans
Coded Scans


Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Forum + Pokemon Shiny Gold

Well This is Sora Speaking, Well I got tired of the Old forum, Not really Attracting People, I might have luck with this Forum tho, But I hope this Turn out wllPlease Check it Out!!! New KHFMForums, Well I also got the Log in Box to Work so try that out!

Screen Shot:


In Other News, I Found this Rom that I Like to share.
First off this isn't Made from By Nintendo, It is a Fan Hacked Version made By ZEL, from
Pokemon Community, This Hack Is called Pokemon Shiny Gold, It is the Hacked Version of Pokemon Fire Red. I Like to Inform you that We have Screen Shots

Screen Shots

Download this at the New KHFMFourms

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Renewed Permission in the Download Section

Hey! This is Sora, and I've Decided to get rid of the 25 post rule and Let the new members Download as much as they can hehe, and Please to the new members stay active, and Please please follow the rules, Be sure to thank me for it, and I deleted PS1 ISO, and PS2 ISO cuz It is License, so yea no posting Ps1 & 2 games. So please enjoy this Update!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Detective Conan: The Phantom of Baker Street

Hey Sora is Here, and I would like to Present a Movie is just watched and Fell in Love with it, It is the 6th Movie of Detective Conan, It is Called Detective Conan: The Phantom of Baker Street. You can download it here At Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Forums!!!!! Here is the Info, I would Recommend this Movie that is a MUST SEE Movie!!, you gotta Sign up, and get 25 Post to get this it is worth it!! =D


Detective Conan: The Phantom of Baker Street


This is the Sixth Detective Conan Movie
Virtual reality is no longer a thing of the past, and Conan and the gang have been chosen to be part of a special test group. However, as always, the fun is shattered by nothing less than a murder in the main computer room! In order to discover the identity of the murderer, Conan and friends must complete a virtual reality game set in 17th century London; but as they enter the game, an artificial intelligence known as Noah’s Ark takes control of the system. Now, the lives of the entire test group, as well as Conan’s friends, are in his hands. Can he discover the murderer’s identity and save the day?

Screen Shots:

Download this at KHFMFourms

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Case Closed Uploads!!

Hey Sora here, I am Here with some Good News for Case Closed Fans. Where i decided to Upload the Episodes Instead of people Downloading from someone else. So we got it!!! We are still uploading them at the moment, so they are 83 in America at the Moment.

Remember to Register, and Get 25 Post to get these Episodes.

Heres the Info

Case Closed
Case Closed


Jimmy Kudo a High School Detective, One Day at a amusment Park with his Child hood Friend Rachel Moore, But something strange was coming up with these 2 men in Black, Jimmy went looking what was going down, he was so caught up with one of the Men dealing, That One of them Snuck up and hit him in back of the head, one of them gave him poison(That hasn't been tested yet on a human) thought of killing him, But Instead turned him into a Child, He took Professer Agasa Advice to keep his identy a Sercet, and When Rachel ask for his name that when he came up with Conan Edogawa, Now He Lives With Rachel and her Dad, Good thing that Her Dad Richard Moore Is a Detective but not a very good Detective, So Jimmy Help him out with his own talent to sovle on diffcult case after another, tills he find those man in blacks.

Download the episodes at KHFMFourms